Wes Weekends on Twitter

A party who apparently wishes to remain anonymous sends in info about a cool new Wes internet presence, sure to revolutionize the way Wes students procrastinate:

Wes Weekends is a Twitter. Send in anything under 140 characters to (541) WES-LEYN (937-5396) and your text message will be automatically, instantly tweeted. (Happenings on campus? Shout-outs? Wes micro-spam?) Since it’s on Twitter, you can set it to send updates to your phone. Better get a Twitter account. Completely anonymous, and anyone can do it. (Non-Wes tweets and inflammatory bullshit will be deleted.)

While you’re plotting your long-awaited excursion into the Wesleyan Twitterphere (riiight), don’t forget to follow The Dopenhagen, AKA the Copenhagen directly across from the COL lounge. We’re located in Butt D. We hold office hours from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday, or by appointment. We got more tweets than The Polyphonic Spree has members. (Non-Wes tweets and inflammatory bullshit will be heartily available.)

Big Boi says it best:

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