WesLPs: Mystery Edition!

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In a time long past, before the events started flooding in, I wrote a post featuring Wesleyan artists’ latest music. The world was full of promise in those halcyon days. Now, the first week of classes is almost over, I still haven’t bought any of my textbooks, and two more submissions of recent Wesleyan-linked releases have come in, this time under condition of anonymity. Spooooooky.

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Continuing the long Wesleyan tradition of experimentation, orkinpod‘s self-titled release is…psychedelic? Soft vocal harmonies, the occasional healthy dollop of warped distortion, and plenty of things in between find plenty of room in this decidedly trippy work; there is probably something here that will pique your interest. Though acoustic guitar and piano drive a good portion of the album’s early songs, it’s hard to predict what’s coming next: “Pet Zounds,” in the album’s closing section, is an electronic track that, in its array of aural advances, something that sounds a lot like the drums from The Ronettes’ Be My Baby.” Definitely not your everyday Brian Wilson tribute, though if it is, it’s a clever one. Remarkably, the LP flows rather smoothly. As for the lack of info on the band members, to quote orkinpod’s e-mail representative ‘1?: “Nothing like a little mystery.”

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Professor MEGASLAM has a short attention span, it seems. Our mystery alum ’05 managed to squeeze 19 tracks into roughly half an hour on his three-day-old The Gender-Neutral LP. It’s clear from the title our dearly beloved Wellesley University still has a place in the Professor’s mind, as well as the track dubbed “Indian Hill,” but especially astute observers may note that, among other things, the cover features the interior of Fauver as its background. To quote our enigmatic musician, “the cover photo was taken during the 5-yr reunion in the fauver dorms (after the santigold show).” The Gender-Neutral LP’s bombastic beats and spontaneous sampling are exemplified on not-quite-two-minutes numbers like “The MEGASLAM March” and “Sparky the Clown.” Crank it up if you need a soundtrack to get crunk to.


Don’t forget, Brosephs and Brosephines–both of these albums are free on Bandcamp. Tell a freshman!

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