Hermes Wants You

Zak Kirwood ’12 sends in information about Wesleyan’s most totally underrated campus media source:

The oldest continuously published student-run progressive publication in the Northeast needs editors, graphic designers, revolutionaries, and submissions! Hermes was founded in 1975 by a group of student activists as an alternative to the school newspaper, the Argus. These days we try to provide a more political, critical, and analytical outlet for campus opinion.

We publish about seven issues a year, with material ranging from campus life, photo essays, short fiction, and opinion pieces, but we tend to focus on activism and social commentary from a variety of viewpoints.

Hermes is organized in a collective, non-hierarchical, informal manner. We have no editors-in-chief, no restrictions on staff, and no censorship; all decisions are made by the entire staff. Hermes is a forum for ideas. Anyone is welcome to participate.

An open meeting for all those interested in working for the Hermes will be on Wednesday, September 15th. Submissions for the upcoming issue are due Wednesday, October 6th. To submit a piece, join the staff, or ask any other questions, email wesleyanhermes(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • What: Hermes info meeting
  • Date: Wednesday, September 15
  • Time: 8:00
  • Place: 190 High Street, second floor

Here‘s a link to the Hermes’ current website; here‘s a link to their old website, dating back about ten years.

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