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Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative Meeting

The Pakistani Flood Relief Initiative, headed by Ali Chaudry ’12 and Zuleika Hester ’11, will meet in PAC 001 at 4 PM this Sunday to discuss fundraising strategies and awareness promotion.┬áThe damage caused by the massive flooding in Pakistan has been tremendous and widespread, killing hundreds and displacing millions. Though it cannot convey the true gravity of the situation, consider the following information:

  • The disaster has been labeled the worst crisis in UN history.
  • Recent estimates place the death toll at 1,500 people; another 21 million Pakistanis have been left homeless.
  • Approximately 20% of the country is currently under water.
  • Infrastructural destruction and bureaucratic inefficiency have impeded serious relief efforts.

If you find yourself moved by the plight of the Pakistanis, make an effort to the meeting. Interested students are encouraged to bring as many friends as possible. Food will be provided!

  • Date: Sunday, September 19
  • Time: 4:00
  • Place: PAC 001

Film Series: “Beaufort”

2007. Israel. Dir: Joseph Cedar. With Oshri Cohen. 131 min.

Part 2 of our Reflections on War Series

In 2000, a small unit of Israeli soldiers prepare to end the 18-year occupation of an ancient mountain-top stronghold in Lebanon. Trapped in their claustrophobic fortification, this anxious group tries to uphold their increasingly futile duties amidst sudden incendiary attacks from an unseen enemy. Speaker: BEAUFORT author/screenwriter Ron Leshem. Sponsored by Jewish and Israeli Studies and the Film Studies Department.

DATE: Tonight, September 16th
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema