WSA Dining Committee chair Zach Malter ’13 wants you to get involved with the Eco-To-Go at Summerfields and Usdan lunch/Late Nite:

In recent years the WSA Dining Committee, in conjunction with Bon Appétit, introduced Eco-to-Go: a sustainable, convenient, cheap way to get take out meals on campus.

How do I join?

Tell the cashier at Summerfields or Usdan Café (downstairs) that you’d like to buy into Eco-to-Go. With a one-time, five-point purchase, you are given free access to reusable containers for the remainder of your Wesleyan career. It will also save you money––you will never have to pay the regular 50 cent take out fee for non-eco-friendly containers.

How does it work?

Upon joining Eco-to-Go, you will be given a key chain labeled “Eco-to-Go.” When you want take out, bring this key-chain to Summerfields or Usdan, and your food will be served in a reusable container. The next time you eat at Usdan or Summerfields, return the dirty container, and in exchange you can get either a new reusable container or another “eco-to-go” key chain. The program will continue in the same fashion; by presenting a key chain or dirty container when you want take-out food, you are always able to get a new reusable container.

Where can you use it?

Eco-to-Go is currently available for Lunch and Late Night at Usdan Marketplace, and for Lunch and Dinner at Summerfields.

For more information contact WSA Dining Committee Chair Zachary Malter ’13 at zmalter(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

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