Happy Monday Morning, WesKids

8:33 – Check the time on my phone.

8:34 – Wave at the dude who stops to let me cross Church St.

8:35 – Cruise through the nearly- nonexistent line at Pi to order a medium Salty Ivan. Chat up the righteous babe at the register.

8:38 – Walk all the way over to the couches to put all the not-crossword sections of the New York Times in my backpack.

8:39 – Walk back to the serving area. Maximum efficiency!

8: 42 – Overhear someone say “I hope they remember the ice in my Chai Charger” (paraphrased). Start thinking about writing this post.

8:43 – Get my drink, forget a mixing spoon, and leave the cafe. On the way out, tell a friend that 2-down on the crossword is “wienerschnitzel.”

8:45 – Walk by the clock in Hall-Atwater right after the greenhouse tunnel thing. All times other than this one and the first one were estimated, fact-checkers.

9:10 – Orgo has been going for 10 minutes and I haven’t taken any notes. It took me way too long to write this.

Everyone have an awesome day of classes!

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12 thoughts on “Happy Monday Morning, WesKids

  1. My name is the Loris.

    Is there any way to negotiate with NYT to get fewer copies of the whole paper, and more copies of just the crossword? Would save a lot of trees, as well as money. And would only need through wednesday. Who even tries to solve the end of the week

    1. robert f. bobbert

      “only need through wednesday?” Clearly you haven’t spent enough time on the underground crossword scene. My hallmate finished the most recent Friday puzzle.

      1. The Lorax.

        Yes, but how many are like your roommate? Aberrations like hir/him are what the few thursday and friday papers would be for. But don’t you think there’s a weekly downward gradient of papers taken on the current system, largely because of p.2 of Arts?

        PS sorry about misspelling Lorax, all you Suess fans.

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