8 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Anonymous

    To say nothing of the fact that the Hebrew word shown is probably Yiddish (because of the “aleph” which wouldn’t otherwise be there), and this Yiddish word is just “Eynhorn”, from the German.

    The statement that “Most language have their own word for X”, X being any word, is untrue, if “their own” is construed to mean “free of influence from other languages”.



    Except for maybe Sumerian. But if you try to revive that language, even then! (Note: Russian and English words in revived Modern Hebrew)

  2. Gnar

    What language is that with the cyrillic letters on the right? I’d say Russian, but I don’t know a cyrillic language that has the R symbol in it.

    1. daroth

      It’s Bulgarian. The Russian translation looks very similar to the Serbian (5 down from the top on the left). But yeah, since the Japanese and Thai are just transliterations I’m not sure how good my translator is :p

  3. Tiddlywinks Robinson

    While we’re being astute observers, I’d like to invite everyone to take a closer look at the very top word. I actually enjoyed that.

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