Free Uz Jsme Doma Concert

Czech* it out Wesleyan: Uz Jsme Doma is putting on a free** punk show this Friday in the Memorial Chapel! Avery Trufelman ’13 reports:

Uz Jsme Doma is an experimental punk band who formed in the 1980s in communist Czechoslovakia, where strict regulations forced them to play underground shows. Uz Jsme Doma is now internationally famous, and the government of the Czech Republic actually gave them a grant to fly to the United States to tour because their music is considered culturally important. Musically, comparisons to The Residents and Pere Ubu are on point.

The show will be presented by WESU. Check out the band’s tour page for more info.

*I stole your punny, Avery. Sorry.

**It’s only free with a Wesleyan ID! So don’t forget yours or they’ll charge you a whopping $5.

  • Date: Friday, September 24
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Place: Memorial Chapel
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11 thoughts on “Free Uz Jsme Doma Concert

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  2. anonymous

    sounds like pere ubu or the residents, it’s in the chapel, it’s free?

    what next, are there going to be complimentary blowjobs at the door?

      1. ozones

        haha no not the music, but the use of the chapel as venue. It worked really well and had a lot of room to move around.

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