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Sukkah Sleepover/Jam Session!

From Sydney Hausman-Cohen ’13:

We’re chillin and jammin and EATIN in the sukkah all night long! Bring instruments, a sleeping bag if you have one (we’ll have extras), flashlights, friends…Come for a minute or the whole night!

  • Date: Thursday – Friday, Sept. 23 – Sept. 24
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 8:00 AM
  • Place: The Sukkah- CFA green

Composting Committee Inaugural Meeting

From someone really awesome but anonymous:

Did you know Wesleyan doesn’t compost? Want to make sure that we begin to compost? Want to drive an electric vehicle around campus? Do you love food waste? Help us establish an integrative composting system on campus. Its going to happen, but we need your help!

  • Date: Tomorrow, Sept. 23
  • Time: 7:45 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Place: Woodhead Lounge in Exley (its right past SciLi)

Superheroes in the ’60s: Comics & Counterculture

A new lecture sponsored by the Adelphic Education Fund:

Graphic artist and comics historian Arlen Schumer explores the origins of the superhero tradition, its personification American ideals and values, and how these attitudes and portrayals changed during the 1960s, using comic book panels and pages in a large-size projection format that graphically communicates the sequential nature of comic book art itself. And while that art reflected the dominant motifs of the 1960s, from the futuristic idealism of Infantino to the cinematic realism of Adams, the superheroes changed, from establishment conservatives like Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern, to counterculture liberals like Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Green Arrow.

  • Date: Thursday, September 23
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Place: The Powell Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies
  • Cost: Absolutely Free

Film Series: “Dig!”

2005. USA. Dir: Ondi Timoner. With Anton Newcombe, Courtney Taylor-Taylor. Documentary. 107 min.

Poster’s Note: This movie kicks serious ass and is very underrepresented in the Wesleying poll to the right and the Cine-File column. It’s the best movie this week (and maybe this calendar)?

Shot continuously over seven years, DIG! captures the love/hate relationship between The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre — two rival rock bands attempting to revolutionize the music industry in a manic quest fueled by vanity, genius, narcissism, and heroin.

DATE: Tonight, September 22
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema

Service in Honor of Nora Miller ’12

Everyone in the community is welcomed to join us in the Chapel on Thursday to honor the memory of Nora Miller ’12. There will be an open reception afterwards in the Daniel Family Commons on the third floor of Usdan. A food collection has been set up in her name and we welcome you to donate non-perishable food either in one of the bins around campus or at the service.

Date: Thursday, 9/23/10
Time: 5 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

‘Free Hugs’ is Back

Lilah Sloane ’11 wants to make each of your Wednesdays a little brighter!

The Free Huggers are back!  Come to Usdan (either in front of the building or at the bottom of the stairs to the marketplace) Wednesdays from 12-1 and get a hug, give a hug, or simply see them and smile.

Free Hugs is a worldwide movement where people stand in public places with a sign that says “free hugs”.  It is not affiliated with any other group on campus and the goal is to make people’s days a little bit better.  If you’re interested in giving hugs, just show up. :)

Have a good day!

Date: Wednesdays, starting Sept. 22
Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
Place: USDAN