Weekend outings!

All outings will meet at Outhouse (132 High Street, the one with the yellow crescent moon on a red door). So without further ado:

Night Hike at Wadsworth (for real this time!) – Thursday (today), 8:30 PM

This Thursday is the Harvest Moon!  That means it’s a perfect time for a night hike to Wadsworth.  Get excited to see the falls in the moonlight.  Headlamps will be provided (hopefully we won’t need them!).  Email ehealey@wes, and let her know if you can bring a car.

Night Ride – Thursday (today), 10:30 PM

Come out for a short night ride around campus, length and route depends on interest and size of group. All bikes and abilities welcome.  Blinky, reflectors, or headlight required, helmet strongly recommended. Contact rstamp@wes with questions.

Alpine Start, Mt Higby – Friday, 5:30 AM

Start off your weekend right by venturing up nearby Mt. Higby to watch the sun rise. At the tippy-top, we will revel in the new day and then descend, perhaps taking upon ourselves the mission of consuming a glorious diner breakfast. (Bring money just in case). Don’t worry, we’ll be back in plenty of time for 9 o’clock classes. Email afersch@wes if you are interested and if you have a car.

Cruizin’ on the Connecticut – Saturday, 1:00 PM

Work off that hangover/take a study break with a leisurely “out and back” ride ~9 miles by the Connecticut River.  All bikes and abilities welcome.  Helmet strongly recommended. Contact rstamp@wes with questions.

Hilly Road Ride – Sunday, 1:00 PM

~30 mile scenic road ride through Lyman Orchards, Whirlwind Hill, and past Wallingford Resevoir.  Road bikes only.  Average speed 15-18mph, helmet and water required, patch kit/repair kit strongly recommended. Again, contact rstamp@wes with questions.

That’s all for now. And remember – if you have a cool idea for an outing, let us know! You can lead it yourself, but we’re also more than willing to help!

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