Už Jsme Doma Take Memorial Chapel, or: “How Do You Say ‘Fuck Yeah!’ in Czech?!”

If you’re a freshman, you’ve probably noticed by now that cool shit at Wes has a tendency of all happening at the same time. Such was the case last night, when a probably once-a-decade Film Series screening of Pulp Fiction coincided with a totally free Už Jsme Doma performance in the Memorial Chapel hosted  by WESU coincided with god knows what else. Indecision’s afoot at the Circle K.

After flipping a Wescard at the last minute (like flipping a coin, except heads is your face and tails is a black line with numbers), Už Jsme Doma was clearly the right call. It’s tough to compete with Quentin Tarantino, but the Prague-based avant-garde punk quartet attracted a sizable crowd and, after a slow introductory track (“Amen,” inspired by the atypical venue choice), got everyone out of the pews and (slam-)dancing at the front of the Chapel. The band, touring in support of 2010’s Caves, has been at it for 25 years, and it shows: they sound energized, rehearsed, and defiantly unique. Below are some blurry photographic highlights from the hour-and-a-half set. Major thanks to WESU for putting on the show.

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5 thoughts on “Už Jsme Doma Take Memorial Chapel, or: “How Do You Say ‘Fuck Yeah!’ in Czech?!”

  1. Anonymous

    Missed this for Le Vent du Nord over at Crowell. Which was pretty awesome too! (And there was food after. :D)

  2. Hmolofsky

    it’s touch to compete?
    do you mean touchy to compete?
    or did you mean tough and I’m just being an asshole.
    also maybe you shoulda written “circle W”, should that become like, a thing. Idk. Maybe the B + T referenced would not have come through as well anyway. This is just me, rambling, indefinately…

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