Wesleyan Zombies vs. Humans 2010

Sam Barth ’13 writes in:

Break out your nerf guns and marshmallows, because it’s time once again for Wesleyan’s Humans vs. Zombies game! In this game of extreme tag, humans (wearing armbands) have to outrun and outgun zombies (wearing headbands) until all the zombies starve. But if you get tagged… you become one of them. The game takes place 24/7 over all of campus until one side is victorious.

If you are interested in playing, join the Facebook group “Wesleyan Zombies vs. Humans 2010” to read the full rules and get yourself signed up.

And here are the “official” rules.

  • Date: Oct. 4 – Oct. 15
  • Time: 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Place: Everywhere on campus
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7 thoughts on “Wesleyan Zombies vs. Humans 2010

  1. Anonymous

    Zombies vs. Humans is not an annual event, guys. I guess it’s becoming one, but that also kinda makes it less cool

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