Get Appointed to the WSA

Ever wanted to be on the Wesleyan Student Assembly but never got the votes? Well, here’s your chance to be a part of student government here at Wesleyan.

The WSA will be appointing four additional students to serve on this year’s Assembly. If appointed, you will serve on a specific WSA committee.

Currently, 3 seats are available on the Community Outreach and External Affairs Committee. COEAC’s responsibilities include recognizing student groups, developing outreach programs with Middletown, runing the logistics of the WSA’s meetings, and advocating on behalf of students in the Public Safety Advisory Committee.

There is also a single seat available on the Student Budget Committee (SBC), which allocates funding to student groups.

To apply, write a personal statement of no more than 250 words expressing your interest in the WSA and one of these specific committees. Statements should be emailed to wsa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu no later than Wednesday, September 29th by 12 noon.

In addition, a friend must submit a peer reference of no more than 300 words on your behalf to wsa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by the same deadline.

Applicants will hear back from the Appointments committee by the end of Wednesday (9/29) and are advised to keep Thursday (9/30) free for interviews.

It’s not too late to get involved––apply for a seat on the WSA today!

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