Prof. Wai Chee at Russell House

Come enjoy the Center for the Humanities lecture series on ‘Worlding’!

Professor Wai Chee Dimock begins her lecture with the idea that, when it comes to the teaching of literature, the classroom isn’t the default, or the sole and exclusive option. Instead, it is something that we might do on an ad hoc basis, as the need arises. And we might do it in a variety of settings, using different technologies, taking advantage of different platforms, different media, and speaking to an audience not necessarily thinking of the B.A. as their terminal point. These are some of the questions raised with the term “public humanities.” Professor Dimock reports on two efforts to give meaning to that term. The first, undertaken by historian David Shields, tries to re-introduce the benne (an African sesame) to South Carolina, in the context of an Atlantic history that includes the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Historical scholarship rubs shoulders here with sustainable agriculture and high cuisine. The second is her own effort at public humanities taking the form of a Facebook group, “Rethinking World Literature.” The lecture considers the global reach of this social networking site and the intellectual conversations it facilitates.

Date: Sept. 27
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Russell House

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