Oracular Pisstacular

This week’s sidebar poll suggests a solid 16% of you want to see more inane MGMT updates, so here goes: REPORTS OF THEIR BEING PISSED ON HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED.

No, but seriously. Ignore that Stereogum link in the shoutbox. Disregard Pitchfork’s top headline this morning (MGMT Reportedly Attacked With Piss). An email to Pitchfork from co-founder Andrew VanWyngarden ’05 sets the record straight. It kinda reads like a half-assed Ampersand piece (prompt: “email from MGMT to Pitchfork concerning reportedly thrown bottles of piss”), except it’s for real. On a scale of one to ten counting by tenths, I’d give it a solid 8.3:

At the start of “Kids”, MGMT’s most popular song to date and the second-to-last song in the set, a celebratory cup of hearty Manchester ale, NOT URINE, was hurled into the air in the direction of the stage, thereupon landing in the lap of William Berman, the current world’s best drummer. As we understand, thrown cups of beer are a sign of affection over here, whereas thrown bottles of urine mean the opposite. So, thank you Manchester for your affection.

In other news, Congratulations really wasn’t bad, Columbia isn’t actually mad at them, and it’s raining outside. Full story here. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Oracular Pisstacular

  1. reason

    First of all, if you had offered the option of having less posts about mgmt, how many students do you think would have chosen it?
    Also, Congratulations was not great or dope or even not bad–it was just boring.
    Thirdly, Sit Down Man was a sick mixtape; its ridiculous that people have been so lukewarm about Das Racist.
    get it together

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