Kennedy Odede (feat. WordSmith, Mikey Ro)

So most of you may have heard of Jessica Posner ’09 who took home the the “Do Something!” award this summer, but you probably have not heard of her smokin’ boyfriend Kennedy Odede ’12. Hailing from the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, he’s not only been involved in bettering his community infinite amounts, but also he’s an accomplished rapper!

Odede, Wordsmith (Josh Smith ’11), and Mikey Ro (Michael Rosen ’11) have joined forces to create this absolutely excellent track, featuring hit lyrics like “junior status but he’s so damn B.I.G.” and “a clinic already, today he’s Odede/but give him a decade and he’ll be el presidente,” “his dance moves are crazy,” “hips seem to move like blades of a blender.”

And be sure to download the track and name your price because producer Jared Paul ’11 pledged to donate proceeds to Shining Hope for Communities. Pertinent linkage below.

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