Wordsmith/Fly Machine/Bones Complex @ 200 Church

Bones Complex frontman and reasonably friendly individual Zachary B. Goldberg ’13 sends in word of an exciting happening at 200 Church this Saturday:

Ey yall,

I know there’s a lot going on Saturday night, but we got one more jam you need to check out. Wordsmith and The Concert G’s, Fly Machine, and Bones Complex are gettin’ down with some dirty, blast-out-ya-speakers funk at 200 Church. This show is gonna be like a Peanut Butter and Jesus sandwich. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the lineup:

Wordsmith and the Concert G’s:

WordSmith & The Concert G’s are back to put some knock in your neck once again. Dynamic emcee WordSmith (Josh Smith ’11) rocks the stage backed by an 11-piece juggernaut of a hip-hop band complete with hard hitting horns, big bass lines, and a whole lot of soul. As always, this crew is light on the thug-posturing and acting cool, heavy on the love and the music. The Concert G’s are: Louis Russo, Jared Paul, Gabe Gordon, Nate Mondschein, Donovan Arthen, Will Monson, Spencer Hattendorf, Myles Potters, Emma Daniels, and for the first time…Natasha Yeracaris.

Fly Machine:

Fly Machine is going into its second year after making a splash onto the Wesleyan music last year. This funk/soul group packs a punch, and will be sure to get you dancing. Garth Taylor brings the vocals while Nate Mondschein, Graham Richman, Adam Jaskol, Zack Rosen, Spencer Hattendorf, and Sam Friedman pump the grooves. Sure to impress, this line-up of musicians is soon to put out an EP, and will be playing much more in the year to come. Look out.

Bones Complex:

Bones Complex is back, cooking up a big ol’ dish of hip hop, reggae, funk, and rock. Drummer Marky Mark Bennet and bassist Frank the Tank Fineis lay down a rockin’ foundation for keyboardist Dr. Shivan Bhavnani and the Honorable Brother Alex Ray, on saxophone, to groove over. To top it all off, emcee Zach “ZachG” Goldberg, also on trumpet, rips up the mic opposite the tasty guitar and vocal stylings of Andrew “Pfeif Dog” Pfeiffer.

  • What: The dopest lineup this side of the Mason-Dixon.
  • Where: Two-Ho (200 Church)
  • When: Saturday, October 2, 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Cost: ———
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