Bear in Heaven @ Eclectic

Tribal drums and whirring synths. Driving psych-prog and Krautrock-style drones. ’80s mustaches and impromptu crowd-surfing.

All just a handful of the delights Brooklyn trio Bear in Heaven brought to Eclectic last night during an hour-long set. At once sonically invigorating and compulsively danceable, the band’s show was enough to convince me to plop down $15 on the spot for the Beast Rest Forth Mouth LP. Fantastic first Eclectic show of the semester (I think?), and one of the better shows I’ve seen at Wes period.  Much thanks to the Radical Performance Machine for organizing. Below is a slideshow of photos from the show; more photos are also viewable on the Facebook, here. Tag yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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5 thoughts on “Bear in Heaven @ Eclectic

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  3. Zach

    Fair point. I was trying (poorly) to convey that I wasn’t expecting crowd-surfing at that sort of show.

  4. friendoftheblog

    not to be a dick, but isn’t all crowd surfing impromptu crowd surfing? i’ve never known anyone to register to crowd surf

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