Olin Lobby Book Fair

Update from Jennifer Hadley regarding the remaining books from the Olin Book Sale:

The books and journals remaining from the book sale in the lobby of Olin are deeply discounted at .50 cents each or $7 for a full box (or pay what you can).  There are plenty of empty boxes (and you are also welcome to take boxes if you need them).   Payment is on the honor system, by putting cash or checks in the cashbox on the Friends of the Library bookshelf outside  Smith Reading Room.  If you don’t have change with you, pay later.  Student groups collecting books for a good cause, e.g., the Prison program, are welcome to take books  for free.  Just  email libfriends(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to let us know you were there.  All proceeds go to the Friends of the Wesleyan Library to support library activities.  Please help spread the word to your friends.   The books will either be removed Monday or Tuesday afternoon, so act now!

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