Espwesso Pweview Night!

Espwesso, the student-wun wate night café we’ve aww been asking “when does it open?” about, hosted a pweview event of soahts tonight. Fwom nine to midnight, fwee dwip coffee was sewved awong wiff uva dwinks avaiwabuh as a cash puh-chest. If dat consunned anyone, wewax–when it officiawwy opens tomowwow night, theah shoud be a cahd weeduh to accept points. Da cozy space is in the basement of Awbwitton, dat biewding acwoss the stweet fwom Shankwin and in between 200 Chuch and Owin, cubside. Expect moah detayuhs in a fuschia post (pwobabwy an Ahgus wink, because I’m quite wazy).

Moah gwainy ceww phone photogwaphy aftuh the jump–kwik on to see the space, the attendees, and the ahtwuhk in the backgwound.

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