Daily Show: What is this, Wesleyan?

In last night’s Daily Show with John Stewart, after talking about how the United States infected Guatemalans with syphilis (USA! USA!), Jon and Senior Military Analyst Jason Jones talked about the army is reacting to fuel explosions.

Energy independence and environmental innovation.  Hardcore committed leftists.  Sound like Spicoli.  Allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

Jones thought the same thing you did:

“I mean come on, is this the United States army or Wesleyan?!  The next thing you know they’ll have socialized medicine.”

Watch the clip “Green the Army Now” at around 5:45 to hear the shout-out.  It’s just as great as being singled out by Andrew Breitbart at the Tea Party convention last year.

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Just imagine a (stereotypical) Wes grad in the military:

“Hey-y-y brah, I’m the dude that shot you.  Can I like have my bullet back? We recycle!”

And here’s an something you might have seen on bumper stickers around campus being applied to the army:

COEXIST Military

And that hippie Muslim outreach? We’ve got that too.  Don’t forget to donate to Pakistani Flood Relief.

Also, like good gay-approving Muslim-reaching committed hardcore hippie leftist socialist environmentalists, we should all go to the Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30th.

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