An $86,000 130-Count Party?

MadPartyThree students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been fined more than $86,000 for a party they threw last month.  The police cited them on over 130 counts.  This makes fining the Franzia organizers last year look like nothing.

“We heard bragging that there might be upwards of 200 to 300 people in a basement of a house that certainly wasn’t designed for that,” said Sgt. Tony Fiore, of the Madison Police Department. “The safety issues there are numerous. These people were in a basement. They had one avenue to leave if an emergency happened, if a fire happened. They would have had one exit to get all those people out.”

Here’s what one of the hosts thought on the matter:

“We obviously had a party — it was game day — like most people around here. Ours got a little out of hand,” Ludy said.

The police don’t even really deny they were trying to make a statement with this.  Read more about this on the Channel 3000 news site.

The real crime is that they charged $5/cup for beer.  Really, who does that?

P.S. Guess what the police there are called? MPD.  Sounds familiar.

Party on Fountain? [and don’t forget the music video]

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