Himalyan Bowl Music Lecture, Demonstration, and Meditation

Pricilla Gale will be leading the event. She asserts that “sound vibration is the primary mover for change, creating healing. [Himalayan] bowls affect the brainwaves, allowing [those listening] to comfortably slip deeply into Theta state; the optimal mental state for maximum potential where then all external blocks are eliminated. Brainwave patterns affect your mental and emotional health and consciousness. At this level, healing on all levels occurs, creating a more balance strengthening the Immune System, creating a sense of well-being, feelings of vitality, happiness, confidence, improved sleep, more energy and clarity of thought.”

Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund and Interfaith Justice League.

If you would like to participate in the meditation session, please bring a yoga mat, towel, or cushion to meditate on.

When: October 10th at 3pm
Where: Alpha Delta Phi

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