Bear in Heaven, 10/2 — Now With Video

Last week I posted some notes and photos from Bear in Heaven’s fantastic 10/2 show at Eclectic. Friday’s Argus also covered the show in a lengthier review, pointing out a flattering post-show Facebook update from the band: “Did we mention last nights [sic] show at Wesleyan was off the charts? Finally some serious crowd surfing.” (Almost as cool as that one time Up in the Air director Jason Reitman wouldn’t shut up about how cool we are.)

If you missed the show (you know who you are), turns out you’re not completely hopeless—our friends over at Method Magazine got some excellent, close-up video of the show (plus interview footage with the band, who seem convinced it’s their “best show ever!”):

Bear in Heaven played at the Eclectic Society on Saturday, October second. Method Magazine and c9 Productions bring you the first episode in a series of live concert and interview videos that capture the 2010-2011 Wesleyan music scene.

Sweet—click past the jump for some professional video samples (extra points if you can spot yourself, as I did at 3:52), and here’s hoping Method videographers will be on scene for Xiu Xiu on Wednesday (details coming soon). Seriously a fantastic project all-around:

Bear In Heaven – Live @ Wesleyan from Method Magazine on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “Bear in Heaven, 10/2 — Now With Video

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  2. anonymous

    @c9, Guest:

    Odds are that the live recordings sounded like absolute shit. i didn’t see any nice recording microphones at the show, and nobody wants to hear good music recorded by a shitty microphone.

    The band sounded amazing live, though.

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