Process Adviser Training Session––Today!

Joseph O’Donnell ’13 and Ian Park ’11 would like you to become a Process Adviser.

Interested in Law? Interested in the Student Judicial Process here at Wesleyan? Interested in helping your peers navigate the process with maximum information and comfort?

Then you may be interested in becoming a trained Process Adviser!

Process Advising is a valuable resource which offers students who go before the SJB the opportunity to utilize their peers or others (some coaches and administrators are also trained) for guidance about the SJB’s process and procedures. Trained Process Advisers answer students’ procedural questions and provide other support as needed during the disciplinary process.
We’re hoping to train a passionate and committed group of interested students, coaches, professors, and staff members from all parts of the Wesleyan community to become qualified Process Advisers.

Interested? If so, training will be Today––Monday, October 11, from 3-4:30 PM in PAC 104 (classroom on the first floor of PAC)!

Hope to see you there,
Joe O’Donnell ‘13, Student Affairs Committee Chair
Ian Park ‘11, Student Judicial Board co-Chair

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