Risky Fresh Mix Tape: Boss

Boss (Dylan Bostick ’13) gives us the latest Risky Fresh Mixtape. A departure from the more dance/electro mixes of the previous two weeks, this mix focus on hip hop, funk, break beats, and a few originals.

Keep an eye out for Boss’ own, “Riders” at around 20min, and Wesleyan’s Boss produced and so-underground-they-currently-might-not-exist rap group, Fuck Connecticut. Personally, I admire any mix tap that can coherently include Snoop Dog, Justice, and Billie Holiday.

Listen to it.

Fresh Presents: Boss
by Risky Fresh

Download it.

Track list after the link.

1. Le Frelon Vert – Super Heroes Invasion
2. Sugar Lady – Popcorn Rebellion
3. Let it Rattle – P.O.S.
4. The Science of the Two – Edan ft. Insight
5. Drop It Like It’s Hot (Boss Remix) – Snoop Dogg
6. Fenugreek – MF Doom
7. The Red – Jaylib
8. Fuck Connecticut – Fuck Connecticut
9. Track 5 – Flying Lotus
10. Late Night (Part 2) – 2fly Shirpas
11. I’d Rather Be With You – Funkadelic
12. Riders – Boss
13. Over the Counter – Talib Kweli & Madlib
14. Freak These Tales – Murs & 9th Wonder
15. Groove – Milk
16. Less – Boss
17. Blu & Exile
18. Who Can It Be Now? – Men at Work
19. Bam – Atmosphere
20. Newjack – Justice
21. Pyramids (Change) – Madlib
22. Free Soul – john Klemmer
23. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Milk Remix) – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
24. Fall-N-Love – Slum Village
25. None – Boss
26. Sam On Soul – Sam Cooke
27. I’ll Be Seeing You – Billie Holiday

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6 thoughts on “Risky Fresh Mix Tape: Boss

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  2. Anonymous

    I don’t get it. Some of these aren’t even mashups. “Greater Love” by Blu and Ex…? You just copypasted that shit and sped it up a bit…

    1. anon

      risky fresh djs arent mash-up djs. and all mixtapes speed up songs to transition to the next song…

      1. Anonymous

        I understand that, but how is it an interesting piece of music if its an exact replica of a pre-existing one?

        1. DJs R Kool

          Making a mixtape like this is about making good transitions in order to make an enjoyable listening experience for an extended amount of time. It’s not an original piece of music, nor is it trying to be. He also produces his own hip hop beats, but that’s different.

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