Take Part in Research on Gender Non-Conformity at Wesleyan

From Ray Edwards ’10:

My name is Ray Edwards and I am graduate student in Psychology at Wesleyan. I am currently researching everyday experiences of disrespect and devaluation towards gender non-conforming individuals on campus. I am looking for participants to take part in a two week study in which they will carry a Palm Pilot at all times and record meaningful experiences related to their gender presentation and identity. There will be a $25 reward for those that return all the materials given to them in good condition upon completion of the study.

What are the requirements of the study?

  • You must identify as gender non-conforming (for example: genderqueer, transgender, grrrl, boi, gender deviant, gender bending, cross-dresser, androgyne, gender fluid, genderfuck, etc…). You do not have to be “out.”*
  • You must have been assigned female at birth.
  • You must be a Wesleyan student.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

Why take part in this research?

This research is very important because gender non-conforming individuals are an underrepresented population in the field of psychology. Research examining their experiences is a way of giving voice to this community and affirming their presence at Wesleyan and beyond. Additionally, taking part in this research may give you the opportunity to re-examine your own identity, and the way that others interact with you based on your identity. If you meet the qualifications listed above, please consider participating in this research.

How do I find sign up or find out more about this study?

If you would like to participate in this study, or have questions about participation in the study, please contact Ray Edwards at rgedwards (at) wes (dot) edu.

*All inquiries will be kept completely confidential. You may elect to privately participate in this research, meaning that no one except myself and my faculty advisor, Professor Patricia Rodriguez Mosquera, will know you are taking part in this research.

Deadline: Tonight (Wednesday) at midnight. Please help if you can!
Cost: +$25

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