Mr. Dave Goes to Thailand

’10 alum faithfully reports “What Happens on the Other Side of the World.”

Dave Wolovsky ’10, whom you might remember as editor of the Ampersand, Giant Joint dissenter, and occasional Kung Fu master, is currently spending the year teaching English in Khon Kaen, Thailand and blogging his experience. This might not be such notable news in and of itself, except that Dave (a) has never before left the United States, (b) is an excellent writer, and (c) filters his observations through the same wry, entertaining wit that characterized The Ampersand during Dave’s tenure (and maybe possibly still does). He’s been blogging his experiences here, where he shares alarming experiences at Thai urinals, and how his blog got the URL

So check it out. It’s Fall Break. What else are you gonna do? Work?

(Side note: Wesleying realizes that many of our readers are currently abroad and blogging the experience of leaving the Wesleyan bubble. We also realize that tons of Wes students aren’t abroad, but still blog about cool and interesting and worthwhile things. Consider this an open call for student blog submissions—if you have a blog worth sharing with Wesleying readers, send the link and any pertinent description to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Also, enjoy the rest of your break—we’ll be back to normal posting capacity on Wednesday.)

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