Kidz on the Hall

Once upon a time, we had a wildly successful feature known as View with a Room. The incredibly numerous installments not only featured pictures of dorm rooms, but a little feature on some of the most (in)famous rooms over the years.

Once upon a very short time afterwards, we had an insanely popular post titled “When Science Attacks . . .” that forever turned the “here’s a picture of something odd at Wes” paradigm on its head.

And finally, once upon about a year later, we at Wesleying came up with another idea sure to take the entire Western Hemisphere by storm. Kidz on the Hall is your chance to share with  everyone just what you love (or secretly despise) so much about your residence hall (or house, or apartment). That includes:

  • the funky things hanging on the bulletin board for who-knows-how-long
  • your room you spent two hours rearranging last Wednesday night
  • your friend’s room which is a total mess
  • stuff you do together when you’re not too busy avoiding each other
  • adventures!
  • et cetera.

So show us what you’ve got. Tell us stories, submit pics (we love photographic evidence. Love it!), or direct feature-length motion picture preview trailers– whatever best captures your hall’s “inner me.” Submissions should be emailed to staff at-symbol wesleying full-stop org.

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