Farmers’ Market of Epic Proportions

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Tomorrow, the Wesleyan Farmers’ Market (commonly known as the WFM among those on the inner circle… or perhaps just in my own consciousness) will bring Urban Oaks Farm and their fresh greens, Chaplain Orchard and their succulent fruit, and Meriano’s Bakery and their ever-popular stuffed breads among your regular favorite vendors.

So, celebrate your return to campus and spend a beautiful October day out in the courtyard indulging in our green and checking out our melons. But seriously..

Date: Wednesday, October 20th. That’s today, holy shit.
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Less than 12 fucking hours?!
Place: Right in front of Usdan, jerkface.
Cost: However much you want, in increments of the least expensive item available. Not hard, guys.

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