weSLAM westCO! The Inaugural Slam/Open Mic

Michael Rosen ’11 sends word:

WestCo & weSLAM invite you to a night of jumping jacks, artistic revelry, and poetic circus acts as we turn the WestCo open mic into The VERY FIRST Poetry Slam of the year!

Come out for the first of three preliminary poetry slams to see which five poets (anyone can sign up!) will be invited back for the final slam in December where they will have a chance to earn a spot on Wesleyan’s brand new slam poetry squad.

DJ sets by Bastille!

Date: Wednesday, October 20th. (TODAY!)
Time: 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: Free

Rundown of the night and rules after the jump.

Here’s the rundown, folks:

– The night will begin at 9PM with an Open Mic hosted by WestCO.
– We’ll start slamming at 10PM sharp.
– Sign-up sheet for the slam will be posted at 9PM — there are only 15 slots available so be sure to get there earl

ANYONE and EVERYONE is invited to take part in both (or either) portion of the night!

– 5 judges will be selected randomly from the audience to rate poets on a scale of 1-10. They are judging based on whatever criteria they so choose. High and low scores will be dropped, three middle scores are added together.

– Round 1: 15 poets perform one original poem (with a 3:10 time limit).
– Round 2: Top 10 scorers read a 2nd original poem (same time limit).
– Highest scoring poet (cumulative scores from 1st + 2nd rounds) is the winner, top 5 are invited to the finals in December.
– December’s Final Slam will function the same way: 2 rounds, top 5 cumulative scorers of the night make the team.

Basic Rules:
– Poems can be on any subject and in any style.
– Each poet must perform work that ze has created.
– No props or musical instruments.
– For full rules, click here: http://www.acui.org/content.aspx?menu_id=14&id=11119

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