Breaking: Wesleyan’s Really Expensive. Still.

Campus Grotto (the “Inside Source at College”) once again places Wes alarmingly high on its list of the country’s Most Expensive Colleges for 2010-2011. We made the top three for most expensive including room and board, behind only Sarah Lawrence and NYU, and clocked in at a respectable #7 for highest tuition (excluding room and board). (Note: This is a significant leap from last year’s placing at #11.)

Of course, the site thoughtfully notes that many or most of the nation’s most expensive schools provide fantastic financial aid packages to  match these staggering figures:

It is important to note that just because these schools have high tuition does not mean you will actually be paying that amount. Many schools will provide a financial aid package that meets 100% of a student’s financial need (Cost of Attendance – Estimated Family Contribution). Many of these colleges provide excellent financial aid packages, some even offering scholarships that cover most of the financial burden of attending the college.

Enjoy the rest of your classes today. They’re, like, two hundred* bucks each.

*estimate not based on any mathematical process whatsoever

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