Gawker Asks: Is This Guy the Most Entertaining Jeopardy! Contestant Ever?

Wesleying answers: Well, no, actor/TV writer Jon Golbe ’06 is probably not the most entertaining Jeopardy! contestant ever (I favor the goofy kid who mutters a clear “Oh, fuck!” on national television after missing an easy Star Wars question), but Gawker’s compilation of amusing moments from Golbe’s Jeopardy! debut is still pretty entertaining. There’s no embed code, so watch it here.

Dearly departed Wesleying alum Ashik Siddique ’10 Sheek points out that Golbe has been featured on Wesleying quite a bit in the past. Check out his George McFly-style role as the nerd in the Colbert Report‘s ’08 “How To Be A Maverick” spoof:

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Also, vaguely related sidenote slash fun fact: gloriously mustached Olin reference librarian and ADP member Erhard Konerding has been featured on Jeopardy! at least once. Ask him about it.

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