Much Musics at Earth House: TONIGHT!

Howe Pearson ’12 ‘writes’:

Three of the greatest folk/bluegrass/happiness bands in the history of the world, one night.

9:30ish – Sam Long and the Appledaughters!  What the folk?  Originals and perhaps some Velvet Underground and loud noises.

10 – Plume Giant!  A stupendous folk trio from the streets of Yale coming to make harmony-laden music that is as beautiful as it is badass.  This is going to blow your minds and simultaneously break and mend your hearts.
Buy their brand new album here (or listen for free!).

11 – The Church Street Review, Wesleyan’s most sensational, sassy, and sensual bluegrass band since 2009.  Things they enjoy include wyverns, beer, and long walks on the beach.  Come on out if you like raucous fiddle tunes, melancholy waltzes and above-average solos.  Featuring the inimitable Scott Infusino on bass fiddle.

Time: 9:30pm

Place: Earth House

The Cost: Nothing.

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