Vote For Wes, Get Free Pizza?

Once again, Wesleyan made it to Round Two of PETA2’s Most Vegan-Friendly College 2010 competition.We’re up against Smith College (“a formidable opponent, to be sure”). (Recall that we won the competition last year, beating out Oberlin and American University.)

And once again, the voting process makes no sense: students are encouraged to vote for their own school, with little or no basis for thoughtful comparison, while Bon Appetit staff find creative ways to sway the vote: last year, free candy; this year, the chance to enter a drawing for a Pizza Party for you and twenty friends. No word on whether it’ll be special vegan pizza.

But anyway, I digress. Last year I questioned whether or not the process by which this contest is run and judged completely, or at least partially, delegitimatized the results. I also quoted from an anonymous ACB commenter:

Can someone explain to me how having students vote for their own schools without ever having seen any of the other schools’ options is at all a valid way to judge this? What happened to a contest with actual judging? You know, where actual experts or people with unbiased authority would go and sample and look, and then decide.

I’ll stand by those critiques. But if you really and truly feel like our vegan options outmatch any other school’s (in this case, Smith’s)—and you somehow, by the grace of God, have a clear basis on which to make this comparison—then go ahead: support Wes. Vote early and vote often.

But don’t do it for the free pizza. Horseshit’s an animal product.

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8 thoughts on “Vote For Wes, Get Free Pizza?

  1. lol

    The voting system may be fucked up, but I doubt there are any other schools with a vegan section a good as ours. Just sayin’

    P.S. – I have NOT voted

  2. JohnnyC

    Actually, according to peta2’s website, it says “cast your vote to help us decide who will win!”, so it seems like peta2 makes the final call (the votes just indicate which way students think they should choose).

    1. Anonymous

      Voting for Smith! All BAMCO meat comes from factory farms. Animal friendly-no, vegetarian friendly-kinda, but not deserving of accolades.

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