Georgetown Freshmen Turn Dorm Into Suspected Meth Lab

Hooray for resourceful college-aged entrepreneurs at a prestigious peer institution: police arrested two Georgetown University freshmen this weekend in connection with a dorm room in all-frosh Harbin Hall that looked suspiciously like the set of AMC’s Breaking Bad. reports:

The three males, each at least 18, face charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, said Officer Hugh Carew, a spokesman for the police department. The third individual was a campus visitor. None was identified.

Police said that shortly before 6 a.m., they received a call about a foul odor at Georgetown’s Harbin Hall.

The entire dorm—about 400 students—was evacuated, and seven were reportedly exposed to noxious chemicals. Wow. And your parents’ thought the empty beer bottle you forgot to hide was bad?

[*insert facile, vaguely coherent “Eclectic likes drugs, haha” remark here*]

[*also link to vaguely related Onion story*]

Thanks to friends at Brown’s Blog Daily Herald for the tip.

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