Write For Argus Arts Section

The Argus’s Arts section is recruiting writers; experience optional. Details from co-editor Jessica Jordan ’13 below, and also a lovely picture of a cow working a grill (don’t ask):

The Arts section of the Argus is looking for writers! We need people interested in covering arts events (dance! music! theater! etc!) that happen both on and off campus. You don’t need to have written for a newspaper before; we’ll teach you everything you need to know (and more!). Interested folks can email  norvis(symbol)wesleyan(other-symbol)edu and jjordan(youknow)wesleyan(figureitout)edu or just show up to the All-Staff meeting above Broad Street Books next Sunday at 3 PM. You know you’re burning to write about that jazzdanceelectropop a capella finger-painting group that just formed.

(LOL at jazzdanceelectropop a capella finger-painting group. But seriously. Dubstep a capella is what’s up. If you can’t beat them or join them, write about them in the Argus.)

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