UOC Community Meeting

From Meggie McGuire ’12:

There will be an open community meeting at the University Organizing Center. The University Organizing Center is a student space currently located at 190 High Street, along with the Queer Resource Center and the Hermes office. Established after a wave of powerful student organizing in the spring of 2004, the UOC is part of a tradition of activism in which students who are historically silenced claim space to organize out of. The University Organizing Center is one of the most amazing, yet underutilized spaces on campus and as this year’s UOC intern, I’m constantly looking for ways to make the space more accessible, more useful and more relevant to your needs.

Come to the meeting to learn more about the UOC, its history and what it currently has to offer. Most importantly, come with any questions, thoughts or ideas you might have. The conversation is open to any topic, but I specifically want to hear what you as an individual, or as a group want and need from the University Organizing Center. We will also discuss longer term goals and how we can make the UOC a more democratically-run space. Bring your friends, your questions, your brainstorms and have a voice in making the UOC a strong and vibrant space for anti-oppression organizing. All are welcome, regardless of previous involvement in the space. There will be snacks.

Date: Oct. 29
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: 190 High Street

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