Support Sustainable Landscaping at Wesleyan

From Miles Bukiet ’11:

Emerging from a graceful arbor plump with grapes you head past the chapel towards the Wesleyan Orchard, the rows of trees punctuated by the sharp red of ripe apples.  As you reach up to pick one a humming bird buzzes by on his way to a colorful meadow in front of North college, a meadow currently erupting in a decadent display of natural abundance. Welcome to fall at Wesleyan. This is not a fantasy; this is Wes ten years from now given both audacity of vision, and meticulous follow through.

Want to see fruit trees and abundant wildflower meadows where short grass currently exists?!  Help us transform this campus into a flagship campus, demonstrating innovative sustainable and socially just design.  Help us generate the support needed to turn this dream into a reality.  Two easy steps…

1) Sign our vision statement to show us some love.

2) Join us on Facebook to show even more love!”

Brought to you by WILD Wes (Working for Sustainable Landscape Design).

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3 thoughts on “Support Sustainable Landscaping at Wesleyan

  1. Johnson12

    I like grass. I can’t lay down in a meadow. I can’t play frisbee in a meadow. Leave my grass alone.

    1. Miles

      There will still be plenty of the green stuff to lie down, play frisbees, study, and frolic in. Just removing the excess hommie.

  2. Green Prof

    A nice vision, but you also need to keep in mind the need to take care of all the apples once they fall and to manage the wildflower meadows; they need tending, as I can tell you from experience. (My yard consists mostly of wild flowers, but one needs to keep out the sumac trees, the goldenrod, etc.) To make this viable, you need to include an analysis of costs (including the environmental costs of mowing, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) for both the lawn as it exists and for the meadow you envision. Good luck!

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