Celeb-Sighting Round Up

If you’ve been conscious for some part of the past 168 hours, you’ve probably heard of at least a few big names being on campus or in town.  And Wes kids actually seem to care nowadays.  Perez Hilton or Gawker would be jealous.

Thursday 10/21 – Drake was partying it up at the Shadow Room.  [More]

Friday 10/22 –  Bill Cosby had a reception at Green Street and a performance at Crowell.

Friday-Sunday 10/22-24 –  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka Elaine from Seinfeld, was around for Homecoming/Family Weekend because her son is a member of the Class of 2014.  She was allegedly seen at places like Usdan and the a capella concert.

Tuesday 10/26 – Elie Wiesel, of course, gave a lecture on the death penalty and was just plain awesome. [More]

Wednesday 10/27 – New: Bon Jovi was supposedly spotted in places like Exley, Olin, and Usdan since his daughter is considering coming to Wesleyan.

Are we possibly missing some famous person here on Monday? Or maybe it’s all a lie?

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4 thoughts on “Celeb-Sighting Round Up

  1. Anonymous

    This is just stupid. They don’t expect you to sit and advertise when their kids come to see college. Leave that stuff to the ACB– I expected better from Wesleying. Delete, delete, delete.

  2. Eyoung

    Yeah seriously Wesleying, cut this out. I expect better of you guys. Leave this kinda stuff to the ACB.

  3. person person

    guys. we’ve heard it already- cool. elie wiesel is awesome, drake was on degrassi, elaine is a real person and had a baby.

    for wesleyan, where we like to respect people as people rather than ideas, i feel this inflated celebworship is a little overboard, especially for the people who go here and are trying to be anything besides “that kid related to so-and-s0”.

    cut it out already!

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