Fire Safety finds Bong on Fountain

Also in the “hide your kids, hide your wives” column today, hide your drugs.  ‘Cuz Fire Safety is coming and they know what they see.

According to a new article by The Middletown Press, the Safety Coordinator was doing fire safety checks at a house on Fountain last Wednesday (October 20) when:

they allegedly saw – in plain view – a green glass smoking device commonly refereed to as “a bong.” A small metal container marked “grinder” was also discovered, according to police. After seeing that the bong contained marijuana residue, campus officials called Middletown Police.

Two people were arrested, but they claimed the bong belonged to all of the apartment-mates.

So, what did we learn today? If you’re going to do drugs, at least hide them.

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14 thoughts on “Fire Safety finds Bong on Fountain

  1. Anon

    Next time mix your marijuana with tobacco. They can’t call the police on you and MPD won’t waste their own money testing for marijuana from a stupid bong.

  2. Xxx

    again, wesleying is sucking so hard.
    17 girl, latin@ convocation, drug busts
    are you guys stupid or what?
    get with the fucking program, you can’t bash or humiliate students like this EVEN if the content is displayed elsewhere.

    that being said, we all got emails explicitly saying fire safety checks were happening — why not be more careful? especially as seniors who have gone thru it 3x already. crazyyy

  3. Bob

    What, someone’s upset because fire safety did their legal duty after telling everyone they were going to do it, and giving extremely clear warnings to hide your drug paraphernalia?

  4. Concerned

    Wesleying has sometimes seemed smug, almost mean-spirited lately (i.e. this article, the Seventeen article). I appreciate the fact that you took the names down, but in the future please be more careful before you publicly shame your fellow students.

  5. Ayn Rand

    RTFA. The Police released the names and the Middletown Press published them because they’re adults.

  6. anon

    This happens to people every year, and I’ve never seen names posted on wesleying. Bad enough if they get charges and/or it gets put in the paper, NO reason to put their names here as well. Seniors are leaving the bubble soon and trying to gets jobs – get rid of the names

  7. Fucksyedsohard

    it’s actually totally fucked up to repost their names and that they ratted out their housemates. these people are trying to get jobs. syed you are seriously fucked if you think that this is just a fun gossip blog

    1. Guest

      “RTFA. The Police released the names and the Middletown Press published them because they’re adults.”
      Even if their bosses search, Middletown Press would come up on a Google Search, most likely before Wesleying.

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