Good Morning, Facebook Users!

Wake up and smell the latest creepy, stalker-esque addition to our favorite social networking site that was already getting pretty creepy and stalker-esque.

Go to your wall. Or anyone’s, for that matter. Find a wall post from a friend. Instead of “See Wall-To-Wall,” we now have “See Friendship”—which encompasses wall posts, tagged photos, events, fan pages, comments, and mutual friends with that person. Hooray, says Facebook:

Friendship Pages will take a lot of the work out of Facebook browsing. Currently, if you wanted to determine the connection between two other people, you would have to sift through all their tagged photos looking for ones with both people, view their wall-to-wall page, and manually compare their friends and Likes. There was no feasible way to see their shared Event RSVPs or comments.

Now there is! It’s nice to think this tool makes easily viewable and accessible the boundless complexities of our relationships with the people we love (or just happen to be Facebook friends with). But a random smattering of Facebook users seems to agree that the change “brings Facebook creeping to a whole new level.”

A PC Pro blog post today, entitled Creepy Facebook adds friend stalker tool, smartly comments on the alarming nature of this development:

With “See Friendship”, I can not only see everything between myself and my friends, but all the content shared between two mutual friends of mine, thanks to a handy search function. It lets you enter in the names of any two friends to reveal their entire Facebook correspondence with each other — even if the content dates from before you added either as friends.

Of course, all this information is already available to me. I could click around the site and find everything said between my mutual friends by sifting through their accounts. But that would take ages, and eventually — hopefully — I’d either get bored or ashamed of creeping on my friends. This makes it possible to stalk in seconds.
The change has prompted one user to exclaim:  “I’ve always wanted this! And yes, I’m a creepy stalker.” Meanwhile, my friend Peter speculates: “Does Mark Zuckerberg just hide away in some castle cackling to himself about this insane site?”
I would link you to “see our friendship” to get a more thorough context for the quote and our relationship as it stands and has developed since our first wall post or tagged photo. But I think I’ll pass.
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