Food Fight! The Case for Organic Farming and Community Food Organizing

Tomorrow, the CRC and WesFRESH present “Food Fight! The Case for Organic Farming and Community Food Organizing!”

The panel  will feature four speakers discussing the careers they have chosen in organic farming, and food-related community organizing:
Dayna Locitzer ’10, who is working on an organic farm in upstate New York for a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of small farms and farmland
Nora Gilbert ’10, who is the coordinator for the Healthy Supermarkets Program, which addresses the food desert issue in New York City
Steve Munno ’01, who manages an organic farm in Woodbridge, Connecticut

Nicole Berube, the program director of CitySeed, a New Haven local food and community development initiative.

There will be a potluck-style dinner preceding the panel at 6:30. WesFRESH is making soup with ingredients from High Hill Farm and baking bread! Bring a dish if you can and a plate, bowl and a spoon too!

Date: Tomorrow, November 1st

Time: Potluck 6:30, Panel 7 PM

Place: Usdan 108

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