PS22 Chorus covers MGMT’s “Kids”

Consider this your daily reminder that MGMT went to Wes, late-October edition: the high-spirited fifth-graders of Staten Island’s famous PS22 Chorus 2011 covered MGMT’s “Kids” a couple weeks ago, complete with a feisty young drummer:

According to a post on PS22’s blog, this particular video has received the thumbs-up from Perez Hilton, Billboard Magazine and NY Mag’s Vulture blog, just to name a few.

If you’re sick of the latest pop tunes earworming their way into your head, consider checking out the chorus’ YouTube channel for a whole slew of covers of both classics (Journey, Michael Jackson) and the latest hits (Passion Pit, Jay-Z). Here they wooooooo along to “Sleepyhead” in the studio with Passion Pit; suffice to say I’m pretty envious.

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