More On The Wesleyan BlogRoll . . .

Last month we posted about Dave Wolovsky ’10‘s new blog about teaching English in Thailand. Here are two more new student-run blogs worth checking out:

—- My Passport Is Made Of Jam: Nicholas Quah Wenpin ’12, whose writing is filled with compelling descriptions, sharp dialogue, and well-placed humor, discusses studying abroad in Denmark, “and shiz in general.” Don’t miss his three-parter regarding a detour to Kosovo. His blog “Aboot” page reads:

I’m a junior at Wesleyan University, CT currently studying abroad in Denmark, thus the recurring Denmark-ey theme in this here blog. I’m actually from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which makes me being on this American-centric DIS program a little more curious. I’m skinny, nondescript, and relatively harmless (unless if found without caffeine).

—- Wesleyan Interfaith Justice League: Obviously breaking from the “Wes person goes abroad, decides to write about it” theme, this is a new blog for the Interfaith Justice League (who recently brought you the Fast-A-Thon). Carmen Yip ’12 writes:

This is a place where we post our interfaith stories, other people’s interfaith experiences, upcoming interfaith events, interfaith news stories and also updates on our Better Together campaign (over 150 campuses participating). Yes that’s a lot of *interfaith* in one blog, but you can never get too much! No matter what religious tradition you are, or whether you are “religious”, or if you’re simply curious as to how the heck can people of different religions could *gasp* work together harmoniously and positively? Be sure to check out our website as more students, faculty and staff will be guest bloggers and sharing their perspectives, too!

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