Almonds and Elephants @ BuHo

.I bet you’d plum forgots about student group Almonds and Elephants (O. Callahan ’12, M. Hurwit ’12). Well, they’re about to wick the sweat off your behinds from all the dancing you did last weekend while dressed up as a bunch of grapes and greasing your palettes with champagne. How(e)? By breezing some sweet sounds your way in an intimate concert in the Buddhist House library this Thursday at 11:30 pm. Come dig BuHo’s 1880’s wood paneled library and see what about this Wesleyan musicians collective.

Hear them here.

  • Date: Tomorrow, Thursday, 11/4
  • Time: 11:30 PM
  • Place: BuHo (356 Washington Street)
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