21 thoughts on ““But it’s too short for a post.” “But it’s too relevant to ignore!”

  1. Blahblahblah

    oh my god, everyone needs to calm down. it’s satire!

    anwar, you rock. don’t listen to these people, i love your posts.

  2. Blahblahblah

    oh my god, everyone needs to calm down. it’s satire!

    anwar, you rock. don’t listen to these people, i love your posts.

  3. anon

    People, it’s THE ONION. They manage to offend everyone and everything, at some point or another. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

    That being said, everyone needs to stop these personal digs at the poster and move on already.

  4. anon

    Well. Satire is all well and good, this is funny in a dumb “ha ha, we all have genitals” kind of way. But the fact is that intersex folks do exist and parents often spend a lot of time trying to keep their kids from realizing that they don’t have “standard” genitalia (which, come to think of it, sounds a lot like not telling them their biological sex), even as those kids are being subjected to multiple surgeries to “fix the problem,” which, you know, creates a lot of shame and IS a form a violence. Echoes of that in this piece, not funny.

    Also not funny is the obvious dig at raising a kid up in a way that lets them have a kind of freedom I wish that I had had growing up. Sure, the fake parents in this are taking it to a ridiculous level, but is the idea of trying to intentionally raise a kid to be able to resist gender stereotypes and form their own gendered/sexual identity without having some kind of identity crisis that is the cause of a lot of self harm/doubt within gender non-conforming and queer communities generally really THAT hysterical or out there? I hope not.

    But the real question is: don’t you want to wait just a little while before getting another identity group on campus angry at you? Even if it’s (maybe even a little bit) funny? Seems like the best way to go.

  5. Santi White

    This is absolutely infuriating. It’s clear that this poster is insecure about his weight, abnormally large front teeth, and unintelligible African accent, and here he is hiding behind seven proxies, thinking he’s hot shit. I showed this to my friend, and as soon as ze read it, ze burst into treats.

  6. Satyr

    Anwar, don’t let these reactionary haters get you down. You’re doing fine.

    to Bothered & company, get a life. Who are you to say what Wesleying should be? Judging by all the fire you’re puking all over these posts, Anwar is doing a fine job of “critical engagement”, even if it’s not your flavor. Haters, if you’re expressing your true sensibility, for your own sake don’t ever read Jonathan Swift.

  7. Bothered, again

    Anwar, you need to check your fucking shit. To what, pray tell, is this relevant, other than your own shallow amusement? I would actually really love to hear your thoughts on the subject, rather than your concise attempts at juvenile humor. I would love to hear you think, out loud, about who you affect when you use oppressed identity groups as comic relief. If your greatest joy comes from making fun of the progressive environment at Wes, I might recommend re-examining the reasons you are here, and the reasons you write for Wesleying. It is incredibly frustrating, as someone who studies oppressions of all kinds, to see blatant disrespect and unwillingness to critically engage with our society. Furthermore, if you feel it is absolutely necessary to drop your unfortunate attempts at humor all around the internet, please find a venue other than Wesleying. This is really not the place, and you are soiling the name of the entire blog collective.

    1. Bothered at bothered, again

      Dude, you should take out the personal attacks. Criticize the post if you want, but leave Anwar out of it.

    2. Minkles

      Okay, first of all, the complete inability to tolerate perspectives other than your own is sad. When someone holds up a humorous light to progressive values, it is not an attack on Wesleyan as a whole. It’s simply a counterpoint, and a light-hearted one at that. Saying anyone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t belong at Wesleyan is disgusting and just as narrow-minded as the viewpoint you claim to be against.
      Second, this post is clearly not even an attack on anybody. if you read this Onion article, you’ll find that the article is not making fun of people who do not conform personally to the gender binary, but taking the progressive approach to parenting to the extreme. Of course children are born with a biological sex. That’s why it’s funny.
      Finally, Anwar’s an alright guy, and if you’re going to attack him personally, at least use your own name.

    3. Nheau

      geez! you activists need to chill out and stop trying too hard to be pc, ranting at everything. The Onion IS a progressive establishment, so why can’t it make fun of itself sometimes? Thank you Anwar for provoking intellectual debate and sacrificing your own self-image for the sake of exposing a particular issue

      1. Nheau

        Not that activism and ranting are bad per se, but in this particular instance i find it somewhat inappropriate

  8. Ween

    “The couple also said that parents should be supportive of children who decide they do not have human genitalia at all.”

    …says it all.

  9. Really?

    Is this dude fucking serious? After all of the other fucked up posts you have thrown up for the entire school to read, you are continuing to put up offensive shit that you are going to claim is “funny” and therefore “harmless”? Once violence against gender nonconforming people is no longer constant in our society, then maybe this will be funny.

    1. Can you dig it?

      I believe the words you are looking for are “Is this *gender neutral pronoun* *inoffensive exclamation* serious? After olive tree, lovers conduct the most to have thrown up more than Tires Pool, Lou Reed, I ACTUALLY HATE THE ONION AND I CAN RAGE ON ANOTHER’S SENSE OF HUMOR, EVEN IF I DO NOT KNOW THON.”
      I like Lou Reed too, and I think this Onion post is funny. Maybe you should stop grouping people like “this dude fucking” in with those who actually hate people. Grow a pair… of eyes. The Wesleying posters are not the real enemy. We need to mobilize, collectivize, socialize, and in that order! Be proud, siblings, children of the right!

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