Safe Sexfest 2010: SEXLEY(Sexual Health Fair in Exley)

Safe Sexfest continues with SEXLEY: ASHA’s sexual health fair in Exley. Stop by Exley this Friday from 1pm-4pm (come after getting tested!) to get some free safe sex stuff (lots o’ condoms!), buy penis-shaped cookies, and get info from lots of campus and community groups that work on sexual health issues at Wes.

You can also buy special discounted tickets (only $2!!) for Sexy Can I: a party to promote safe sex practices and healthy communication and to raise money for local sexual health organizations. (At Psi U next Friday, featuring Mad Wow, Risky Fresh, Paradise Stomp, and Darkslope).

When: Friday, Nov 5th 1pm-4
Where: Exley lobby

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3 thoughts on “Safe Sexfest 2010: SEXLEY(Sexual Health Fair in Exley)

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