A Note From Professor Anne Greene Suggesting You Watch WesMaps For Listings Of New Writing Courses

Professor Anne Greene suggests that you watch WesMaps this Tuesday, November 9th. You will probably find several writing courses listed then that are currently awaiting approval. They will carry the WRCT designation and be associated with the Writing Certificate, although any student is welcome to enroll.

We expect that Kim-Frank University Writer in Residence Professor Amy Bloom will offer two courses, Reading and Writing Fiction and Writing for Television. Koeppel Journalism Fellow Jane Eisner is expected to teach The Journalist As Citizen. College of Letters Professor Paula Sharp will teach the Writing Certificate’s Senior Seminar in Advanced Writing. These courses will be Permission of Instructor and will require an application.

If you would like to get a start on preparing your application, here is some information.

How to apply to WRCT 256 Writing For Television:

Although official admission for WRCT 256, Writing for Television will take place in January, Professor Bloom is accepting applications now. Students should contact Professor Bloom during pre-registration with a writing sample and short cover letter describing their interest in the course. Write to Professor Bloom at abloom@wesleyan.edu.

How to apply to WRCT 257 Reading and Writing Fiction:

Professor Bloom is admitting students during pre-registration. Applications are due on Friday, November 12th. According to Professor Bloom, “students should submit a cover letter demonstrating why it will be a pleasure—of some kind—to be in the class along with a suitable writing sample.” There are no prerequisites, but students who have never written fiction to be read will find themselves in over their heads. Write to Professor Bloom at abloom@wesleyan.edu.

How to apply to WRCT 258 The Journalist As Citizen:

Official admission for WRCT 258, The Journalist As Citizen will take place in January. Students are welcome to write to Professor Eisner during pre-registration, sending a personal statement indicating why they are interested in taking the course. Write to Professor Eisner at jeisner@wesleyan.edu.

WRCT 350 Senior Seminar in Advanced Writing: Watch for the course to be posted on Tuesday, November 9th. Contact Professor Sharp by November 12th with an email detailing your status in completing the Writing Certificate. Professor Sharp will admit students by November 16th and will also admit students during drop/add in January. Write to Professor Sharp at psharp@wesleyan.edu.

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