Kathleen Hanna Lecture

Christina Pham ’13 sends in word about an exciting lecture tonight!

Kathleen Hanna, third-wave feminist artist and musician, is coming to Wes to give a talk on her musical career and activism. Through her band Bikini Kill, Hanna was a pivotal figure in what became known as Riot Grrrl, a do-it-yourself feminist movement that took place within the underground music and arts scene between 1990-1996. After Bikini Kill, she released a solo album under the name Julie Ruin in 1998 and went on to form electro-dance-punk band Le Tigre that year.

Through her musical projects, Kathleen Hanna has helped spread awareness of sexual assault, queer rights and the still-alive possibility of “Revolution Girl Style Now.” She is currently gearing up for the release of a performance based documentary called “Le Tigre: On Tour,” writing a new album and doing work surrounding the recent donation of her papers to The Fales Archive at NYU.

Sponsored by Music House, Open House, the Adelphic Education Fund and the SBC

What: Kathleen Hanna Lecture
When: Fri, Nov 5, 8-9pm
Where: Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center
Cost: FREE!

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